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Opportunities for Companies

We offer the opportunity for your company to license our characters and or illustrations. We license our characters for categories not yet contemplated as: school supplies, toys, food and stationery. We license our illustrations for products like: stationery, toys, home and decoration among others.

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Sponsor our free books. A smart way to reach thousands and thousands of people with your brand, because our free ebooks are offered in stores like: Amazon, Google Play, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble among others; In the digital libraries: 24 Symbols, Bookmate, Scribd among others and in our website.

For more details send message below:

Opportunities for You

Promote licensed products 36Linhas produced by Zazzle. To sign up for the free Zazzle affiliate program click below and good luck!

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Save money buying direct from the publishing house full collections at great discounts. Click below and good economy!

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